Wax Processing Partners

Success Breeds Success – Four R Marketing, LLC and Wax Processing Partners, LLC are growing our traditional and synthetic petroleum products’ businesses to include Wax Products!

Four R Marketing has made a significant impact in the world of lubricant base-stocks, process oils and specialty products both as a producer and marketer. Through the success achieved over the past 15 years of delivering customer satisfaction - opportunities to enter the wax business as a producer, marketer and distributor have unfolded, and a vision for a future in wax has taken shape.

Today, we have agreements in place with major wax manufacturers’ for both traditional wax products - those derived from crude oil, and synthetic wax products derived from the manufacture of critically important chemical building blocks. With those agreements and relationships in hand, 4R has invested in a wax plant, including a wax laboratory to our existing facility in Smackover, AR. Currently, we are formulating new product offerings which incorporate the traditional waxes with those of the future with synthetics. Cost effectiveness, certainty of supply, with quality and consistency is our focus.

We have added wax trailers and wax rail cars to our already existing fleet and are currently planning an expansion of our warehouse space and packaging capability in Smackover. Our distribution locations currently cover the east coast, southeast and southwest U.S and will expand our reach as we continue to identify unfilled needs that exist in the marketplace.

Our Vision is to become a household name in the wax business, our Goal is to double the overall 4R revenue base in the mid-term and our Mission is get to know the wax consumer better than the competition - as we believe there is no substitute to the building of strong and meaningful relationships in our dealings.

Wax Processing Operations

Wax Processing Operations